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Interview and Testimonial Video
Production Below
The 3 videos above were edited by US&V. We took C.A.R.S. existing video
footage and pieced them together with sound effects, custom opening, and an
auto service garage door motion graphic designed by US&V.
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and Editing Services. We come to you with our professional state-of-the-art
mobile unit. The above presentation was one of five informative videos we
produced for David M. Jones and Associates. We designed a custom opening
using the client's logo + adding royalty free music. A simple, effective, and
straight forward approach web-video designed to generate future business.
Please call today and thanks for watching.
Robert - - I think it’s exceptional! The car looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s quick and
impeccable. Excellent all around. George
The above web video is an affordable production utilizing a 5 camera placement, 2
operated, with one camera operator. Thanks for watching.
Thanks for tonight. You did an amazing job. We were all talking about how hard you
The video is fantastic!!! Really awesome. It will be great to show sponsors. Thank you
so much!!!
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