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Dear Robert,
Last night, Caroline and I finally had a chance to sit down and view the party chapter of the Bar Mitzvah video. It was
perfect! You captured all of the highlights, all of the little gestures and nuances that showed the spirit of the evening. I
especially like the insets at the beginning and at the end. I hope that we can watch the service chapter tonight. Many
thanks for a job well done.  Once again, thanks for capturing a very special moment in our lives.
Jordan Gross Bar Mitzvah video sample clip coming soon
Hi Robert-  well, I couldn't ever get us all to sit down and watch the video at the same time so Jordy & I watched it together.  You did an amazing
job!  We laughed and laughed at certain parts and Jordy kept rewinding it.  The party got a little wild when the blow up bats came out and I don't
know how you managed to keep on filming.  We especially loved the ending with Cassie's boyfriend doing that special little dance!  You are
extremely professional in what you do.  You were the only part of the whole Bar Mitzvah that I didn't have to worry about.  I would be happy to
recommend or fill out any review forms that you have and you are welcome to publish it. Would it be possible to get 3 more DVD cases with the
pictures on it?  Just the cases. Thank you again for everything.  It was a pleasure to work with you!
:) Lisa Gross
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The above and below video clips show some of the highlights of Ryan's Party Celebration.
Hi Robert!  We finally had a chance to sit and watch the "party part" of the video and it was so great! You captured
all the special moments beautifully and put it together so well with the music.... and everything was perfect! Can't wait
to watch the ceremony part tomorrow. I also loved the CD jacket! Great job! All the best, Pam